Innovative Leadership Virtual World Training:

Our leadership training takes place in a 3D virtual world. It is an immersive experience where individuals meet face-to-face virtually in teams of personalized avatars. During team-building exercises, they collaborate on concepts and decisions about product development and product marketing using interactive virtual world activities and communication tools.

This project is part of a Ph.D. research experiment designed by Charles Davis Jr., M.S., Professor of Mathematics and Engineering at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Professor Davis is completing his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Central Florida.

The virtual world was designed by Gwenette Writer Sinclair at Virtual Dev Studio in Cocoa, Florida, as an immersive, 3D interpretation of the experiment. The environment was developed using the opensource Open Simulator software platform and is hosted on Dreamland Metaverse servers. This WordPress project website design, content and maintenance is also by Virtual Dev Studio.

An aerial view of our virtual world showing the experiment path beginning with the Arrival & Orientation area (far right) with a walkway leading to the Innovation Theater, the Innovation Science Fair pavilion (center bottom), the forested plateau path to the Meditation Sphere (upper right), and the Creativity & Innovation in Leadership Think Tank center (upper left).